Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing a Day (2018) No.48: An Amulet from Yuggoth

Last night the Silver Key unlocked a hidden doorway through which my dreaming consciousness was inexorably drawn, finding itself drifting through those empty depths of space which separate the planetary bodies of our own solar system. The star-winds bore me upon the particulate ethereality of their tachyon currents, carrying me past Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, onwards beyond the trans-telluric outliers of Uranus and Neptune, and thence to that boreal dwarf-planet which drifts mindlessly at the ultimate rim of known space - spoken of in certain, unfathomably archaic and prehuman texts as Yuggoth.

The miles-deep continental ice-sheets covering that mysterious orb proved no barrier to my formless consciousness, and soon I perceived evidence of strange life lurking within the nighted caverns beneath the ice: squat, alien cities of basalt; canals of pitch which flowed sluggishly through steep gorges of jagged black rock; and black windowless towers - whose exterior walls had been inscribed with strange hieroglyphs hinting at inscrutable cosmic secrets - from whence I heard buzzing voices articulating a horrid litany of monstrous revelations in half-formed human syllables...a litany mindlessly repeated by other participants in those grotesque rites - repeated by a chorus of all-too human speech, but with a droning, mechanical timbre...Investigating further, I pressed my consciousness into the interior of one of these black towers...Reeling at what I saw within, I fled back through the black abysses of space to the comforting confines of Earth. 

Awakening upon my bed, I found clutched in my hand a token from that monstrous sphere to which my dreams had drawn me: a token vouchsafed to me by an inhabitant of that black tower, within whose dismal interior I witnessed horrors of which I will not speak - a token revealing in crude outline something of the alien monstrosity of the very thing which had knowingly delivered that same amulet into my hands during my otherworldly sojourn within that cold and desolate orb.

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