Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing a Day (2018) No.34: Lovecraft’s Revenge

Lovecraft’s Revenge is a miniature skirmish game of Lovecraftian horror published by Two Hour Wargames. An iteration of the Chain Reaction engine which informs all of THW games, Lovecraft’s Revenge employs an innovative system geared specifically toward solitaire play. Given that, these days, I play most of my games solo, and having been a fan of THW’s products for well over a decade, I was excited to discover that they had recently added a Cthulhu mythos-themed ruleset to their stable of producsts.

I am less enthused by the gothed-up Nicholas Cage lookalike which graces the game’s cover; still, it is an improvement on THW covers from back in the day - and this remains one of the few soloable Lovecraftian miniature games out there. In any case, I look forward to cracking out some of my minis and scenery over the coming weeks with a view to giving this a spin.

Lovecraft’s Revenge is available in hardcopy and as a pdf download here.

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