Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.257: The Secret Stairway

Strolling along one of the more gentle inclines to the top of Burn Hill, one easily discover this cracked and crooked stone stairway- considered by many to be immeasurably ancient. Over the years it has acquired a curious local nomenclature: the Secret Stairway. Many legends cluster about the place, although a typically recurrent one concerns local inhabitants witnessing a line of figures - all robed and hooded - climbing the stairway toward the hilltop at twilight; according to this particular tale, the locals, intrigued by this remarkable scene and suspecting witchcraft, follow the curiously-clad interlopers from a short distance behind. On arriving at the crown of Burn Hill, they are surprised to discover it vacant and desolate, with no sign of the strange figures whose footsteps they had so recently shadowed.

Such tales have encouraged the belief that, whilst the stairway does indeed facilitate a transition between places high and low, its true destinations are neither the base nor the crown of Burn Hill; rather, it is the case that the stairway marks a point of interpenetration, such that the zones it ultimately ascends and descends to are not to be located on any map scribed by human hand.

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