Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.253: Strange Witchery

Taken from J.L. Bellingham's newsletter The Horsingdon Paranormal News - which was circulated amongst Forteans and would-be paranormal investigators in the late 1960s - this curious image purports to depict some of the members of the Horsingdon Coven as it existed at the time. The short article - submitted anonymously to the newsletter - accompanying the photograph notes that the Coven participated in 'a strange kind of witchery, wholly unlike anything which the current author has encountered during three decades of research into the history of witchcraft and satanism within the British Isles'. Speculation abounds as to the identity of the anonymous author of this piece, which some believe to have been Roland Franklyn (who, it has been subsequently claimed, is one of the robed and hooded figures depicted in this now-infamous photograph).

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