Monday, September 04, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.247: Tracking Stations

Yet another monolithc Ministry installation, not far from Trentford and the Ebury Way - this time sporting one of the famed 'golfball' radar arrays found at sites like RAF Menwith and RAF Fylingdales - both products of the apocalyptic paranoia of the Cold War, and both suffused with rumour of inhuman and praeternatural presences haunting their respective locales.

The above building was apparently tasked with tracking unidentifiable aerial phenomena - ostensibly as a safeguard against a surprise Soviet attack; other accounts tell a different story: one which involves the marshalling of forbidden, occult mathematics and alien ritual technologies to penetrate the membrane between worlds, at a point where it was demed to be especially worn and thin, with a view to weaponising those unspeakable forces and incomprehensible physics which lurk beneath the visible surface of things. That so many of the Ministry buildings in the region - superficially empty and untenanted - remain haunted by the silent, abject ghosts of technichians, scientists and administrators now condemned forever to wander the numinously hollow shells of these installations in a perpetual state of awestruck horror, speaks to both the horrifying success and awful failure of such a monstrous project.

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