Thursday, September 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.250: From Witchlore to Cold War

A remnant of the Cold War on a small hillock close to Burn Hill - supposedly the entry point to a more extensive underground Ministry of Defense complex. All such entry points have been sealed with lead-lined casings and concreted over in the aftermath of an event which occured in the late 1970s, of which no public records remain. Whilst the land is now accessible to the public, this is an area rarely frequented by the locals on account of what has been heard at night emanating from these sealed portals - and on account of the long history of witchlore associated with the locale. Whether these two seemingly disparate matters are related is unclear - but it is curious that many of the government installations which dot the region appear to align so precisely with the arcane topography and folkloric psychogeomorphology of the lsndscape hearabouts.

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