Friday, September 08, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmission No.251: Experiments in Sound

This is a partial image of a photograph which was recently discovered amongst some classified files which had accidentally found their way into the public archives of Horsingdon Borough Council. The files and the photograph were quickly removed from the publicly-accesible section of the repository almost as soon as the mistake was discovered - but not before this photograph was taken. Apparently the files themselves included information pertaining to curious sonic experiments conducted on Horsingdon Hill by members of Northwich Polytechnic's Department of Radiophonics in the early 1960s - experiments conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

The individual who stumbled over the files only had a short time to examine them prior to the archivist demanding their return, but noted accounts of two researchers - including one member of the team who is partially pictured above - disappearing mysteriously in the vicinity of Horsingdon Hill whilst conducting the experiments. Some say that these two unfortunates were taken by whatever power lurks within the Hill as payment for being woken by said interlopers from whatever inconceivable dreams haunted its endless slumber...

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