Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.213: The Haunter of the Dark

I picked up this first edition of John Coulthart's adaptation of The Haunter of the Dark many years ago, so I suppose it must be something of a rarity these days; it was later republished in a collected edition of Coulthart's Lovecraft adaptations (including The Call of Cthulhu and a somewhat truncated version of The Dunwich Horror). Not only is the collected edition introduced by Alan Moore, but it also contains Coulthart's illustrations for a set of Lovecraftian Tarot cards which he and Moore were apparently working on (but have yet to see the light of day as far as I'm aware). Personally, I'm not sure that I really go for Coulthart's style; even so, the intricate weirdness of his work does an excellent job of representing the indescribable.

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