Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lovcraftian Thing a Day No.208: Gateways to Abomination

With the overwhelming weight of material currently being produced by presses both small and large, it feels like we are close to reaching critical mass where Lovecraftian fiction is concerned. Just to keep up with the mass of recent Cthulhuvian novels and anthologies, I made the decision to go digital. However, every now and then I encounter a unique voice in the field of weird and Lovecraftian literatur which voraciously reawakens my collecting habit. Matthew Bartlett is one such voice, whose work I have felt compelled to collect and buy in hardcopy editions. Hence today I present a weird menagerie of Bartlett's work: his initial, self-publushed endeavour Gateways to Abomination, along with the chapbook The Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts, and his most recent offering, Creeping Waves - which collectively explore via a coterie of tales and vignettes the very weird locales and characters inhabiting witch-haunted Leeds, Massachussetts (not to mention the bizarre transmissions broadcast into the minds and lives of Leeds' residents by the local WXXT radio station). Whilst Bartlett's work is difficult to categorise, if you think Lovecraft channelling William Burroughs meets Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, you'll have some idea of the kinds of strange and horrible directions which Bartlett's work takes. Nice.

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