Friday, July 08, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.190: The Eye of Azathoth Ouija Board

The Eye of Azathoth is a relatively rare example of the occult divinatory tool popularly known as a Ouija board or spirit board. A small number of the particular board shown here were produced some years ago by an agent or agents unknown - although I am aware that at least half of the individuals who have come into possession of examples of The Eye of Azathoth board are known to have taken their own lives subsequent to having made use of its oracular powers. The content and nature of the kind of message which might cause one to take such an extreme course of action can only be speculated at.

The board shown here was provided by Prof. Jason McKittrick of the Department of Arcaeology at Miskatonic University (with whom regular readers may be familiar) who, after acquiring the item, laid it out for inspection only to find that the planchette - sculpted in the form of a faceless daemonic entity referred to in various arcane texts as a 'nightgaunt' (and said to serve 'The Lord of the Abyss') - began moving of its own accord; fortunately he was able to remove the planchette before it was able to complete its communique. To this day, Prof McKittrick refuses to reveal the few words that were spelt out, although I have it on good authority that they contained the most shocking inferences regarding the nature of the cosmos, and humanity's position therein. The good professor subsequently forwarded the item to me. Concerned readers will note that, in the images above, The Eye of Azathoth board is warded by four powerfully apotropaic idols, which Prof McKittrick also kindly provided. It is not recommended - for the sake of their lives and sanity (and possibly for those of humanity as a whole) - that interested readers attempt in any way to recreate or replicate the board based on the images reproduced here.

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