Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No. 206: Lovecraft eZine Vidcast/Podcast

Not only does Mike Davis produce the excellent quarterly Lovecaft eZine, he also hosts regular panel discussion vidcasts via YouTube which are now available as audio podcasts via iTunes. If there is one place to get the sknny on whats hot and upcoming in the Lovecraftian milieu, watching/listening to the Lovecaft eZine 'cast is an absolute must - especially as the show regularly includes interviews with the big names as well as up-and-comers within the world of Lovecaftiana. Not only that, but panel discussants regularly include key players in the current Lovecraftian and weird lterary scene, including author, editor and Chambers scholar Joe Pulver, author and Lovecraftian chronologist Peter Rawlik, pulp-scholar and author Rick Lai, UK-based weird publisher Salome Jones, and editor (as well as resident oncologist) Matthew Carpenter. At the time of typing, I also discovered that Matthew Bartlett is being interviewed for the show in September - which I'm very, very excited about. In any event, the vidcast is scheduled to stream this very evening (24th July) at 6pm Eastern time (that's about 10pm in proper British time!).

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