Monday, July 11, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.193: Cthulhu Money Clip

In a forthcoming academic piece I argue that

     'Lovecraft's imaginary monsters instantiate deregulated neoliberalism as the “enweirded” and
     morphologically monstrous...“motor of transformation that drives modernity…understood to be
     inhuman…and indifferent to the human"...the salience of Lovecraft's tentacular monsters
     lies, then, in their provisioning pop-cultural imaginaries...responsive to neoliberalism’s  
     indifference, expressed in the form of its own “Great Old Ones”: the immense, inexplicable and
     impersonal forces of global institutions to which personal agency appears subordinate, and the
     uncaring, predatory transnational corporate interests which render the human insignificant.'

This being the case, what better way, then, to signal one's alignment to the Lovecraftian apocalypse of modernity that is deregulated neoliberal capitalism by purchasing this stylish Cthulhu money clip, allowing you additional peace of mind knowing that the seal of the Dead Dreamer of R'lyeh is protecting your wads of cash from the grasping, grubby hands of the great unwashed?

The superimposition of Cthulhu's visage over Her Majesty's face here is, of course, totally coincidental.

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