Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.9: Sounds Beyond Meaning

Today I present a recent acquisition: Sounds Beyond Meaning – a talismanic collection of essays in honour of the late Kenneth Grant. For those unfamiliar with the contemporary esoteric oeuvre, Grant was at the forefront of incorporating Lovecraft’s fictive mythology into modern occultural theory and practice - the essays in this volume certainly expound upon that very point (particularly with regard to what Grant referred to as ‘creative occultism’). Indeed, I'll be presenting a series of occult-related Lovecraftiana – and will no doubt end up pontificating at length on this controversial topic – at a later date.

The reason I’m presenting this item is because, at the very moment I'm preparing to post, I'm travelling into central London for the Kenneth Grant Day being held at Treadwells bookshop – at which some of the contributors to Sounds Beyond Meaning will be speaking.

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