Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.16: Dogging in Dunwich...

Today's entry is a Dunwich coaster from actual Dunwich. I picked this up from the local museum in Dunwich village, which I visited in (I think) 2010. On that same day my companion and I decided to take a stroll through the nearby Dunwich Forest – a notable beauty spot a short drive from the village. There is a small car parking area at the entrance to the footpath through the Forest – on arrival we found about three other cars parked there, the occupants of which appeared to be taking a marked interest in us.

Soon after entering he Forest, we noticed that someone seemed to be following us, stopping whenever we did. This struck us a a little odd, but not particularly unnerving. Soon after we returned to our car and left.

Whilst I would like to think that we had stumbled on some sort of nefarious cult activity, subsequent research indicated that Dunwich Forest is also known as Gate 44: one of Sussex’s better-known dogging/cruising sites...

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