Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.17: Cosmical (?) Horror.

Whilst not particularly rare, this tome is one that I haven't seen much discussion of in Lovecraft circles: The Cosmical Horror of H.P. Lovecraft: A Pictorial Anthology.

As is probably evident from previous posts, my interest in Lovecraft ephemera stretches beyond the purely literary. As well as possessing a collection of Lovecraftian art and sculpture, I also like to collect art books relating to the Cthulhu mythos, horror, and the weird more generally. Today's item is unusual in being trilingual (the text is in French, Italian and English); it is also notable in collecting art and images relating to Lovecraft's fictive universe from European and non-English sources - much of which I haven't seen outside of this book.

I first spied this in a specialist UK bookshop in the mid-1990s, and eventually picked up my own copy about 5 years ago (from a French online bookshop). Obviously, being British, It behooves me to inform my more sensitive readers that some of the content of the book is rather 'Continental' in nature - or what we in the UK might refer to as 'a bit saucy'.

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