Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No. 23: A Map of the Dreamlands

This is one of my favourite decorative pieces: a massive (3ft by 2ft) framed print of Lovecraft's Dreamlands by Jason Thompson of Mockman Press. The map, in fact, includes locales not just from Lovecraft, but Lord Dunsany, Brian Lumly, Gary Myers, and others. It is a wonderfully evocative piece, and forms something of a centrepiece to my study here at Ghooric Zone Towers.

Sometimes I find myself driven almost obsessively to study the many fascinating features of the map, with a view to penetrating the nameless secrets which are doubtlessly encoded within its design. On those occasions, I almost feel as if some mystic gateway or hidden portal has wrested my consciousness from out the world of the commonplace into those very lands of wonder and horror which the map depicts. On account of the scratching and tittering that sometimes emenates from the wall behind the map, I cannot help but wonder if I have brought something back with me from those strange reveries and fantastic journeyings...

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