Monday, January 01, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing A Day (2018) No.0: Prologue

For this year’s daily blogging project, we return once more to the Lovecraftian Thing A Day. Whilst I had various opportunities during 2017 to accrue more Lovecraftian stuff (a trip to NecronomiCon in August was very helpful to this end), there may well be occasions when I play a little fast and loose with the definition of ‘Lovecraftian’; I also anticipate presenting more digital items, and probably a few less object d’art and a few more books, than I did in 2016. There are also a number of Lovecraftian events forthcoming, so coverage of these will also be included – even if the ontological status of their ‘thingness’ might be questionable (one for the speculative realists out there). I'm also going to try and get more gaming in this year than last, so expect a few more gaming-related material. I may also delve a little more deeply into the cultural salience of Lovecraft, by way of theorising those aspects of Lovecraftian material culture I hope to present throughout the year. As per the 2016 project, it is likely that I will interweave a few fictional narratives throughout the posts – possibly linking back to Horsingdon for those Transmissions fans amongst you.

The 2016 Lovecraftian Thing A Day seems to have been more successful (in a very small way) than 2017’s The Horsindon Transmissions – at least in terms of its coverage by various online sources (the Thing A Day was mentioned on a few blogs and podcasts); that said, I didn’t particularly promote the Transmissions on social media and other digital platforms in quite the way I had with the Thing A Day, so I mean to redouble my efforts in this direction in 2018. There are also a couple of other things I’m thinking of doing in relation to this year’s blogging project, but I won’t say too much about those for the time being.

So, without more ado, welcome back to the Lovecraftian Thing A Day – expect the first official ‘thing’ shortly.

Be seeing you.

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