Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.303: Empire of the Wheel 3 - The Nameless Ones

Walter Bosley's Empire of the Wheel series maps out a terrain increasingly popular within contemporary conspiracy culture - that of a 'breakaway civilization' (a concept which I think has its origin in the 'Alternative 3' conspiracy of the 1970s). In brief, this maintains that a group within the wider society has developed or acquired access to advanced forms of technology which usually allow them to set up an alternative society in some secret location - typically on the Moon or Mars, but sometimes in the Hollow Earth. Said breakaway civilization may, nonetheless, maintain links with mainstream Earthly nation-states, but usually in the role of hidden overlords. In current conspiratorial circles, this often ties in with the notion of a 'secret space programme' - or the idea that the military-industrial complex or the New World Order or somesuch has already built bases on the Moon and colonised Mars as a preliminary to ultimately enslaving the rest of humanity. Inevitably, this tends to lead back to the Nazis having developed flying saucer technology as early as the 1930s, having come into contact with extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings using occult means.

Bosley's work is of particular interest to me as it constitutes the connective tissue which ties these narratives - which often involve implicit Lovecraftian themes with regard to ancient interdimensional beings, occult technologies snd hyperdimensional physics - with Lovecraft himself. In this instance, Lovecraft actually appears as a character central to Bosley's parapolitical speculations. Whilst I still haven't quite got my head around exactly what it is that Bosley is pointing to, here he alleges that Lovecraft was complicit in the murder of Houdini at the behest of Cthulhuvian 'Nameless Ones', which have some sort of connection to a breakaway civilization.

Sounds legit.

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