Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.254: Innsmouth Gold!

Gage Prentiss of the Rumtucket Trading Company secured this for me: a piece of the almost-legendary Innsmouth gold. The only other example of this that I am familar with was an ornate (and rather horribly embellished) tiara formerly on display at the Newbryport Historical Society - at least until that fine establshment was burnt to the ground in suspicious circumstances some years back. This particular piece has been worked into the form of something skin to an ammonite - although I am reliably informed that, if it is indeed modelled on an extant fossil sample, it is one that conforms to no known genus or species currently recognised within the palaeontological world. 

Attentive readers may recall that, on acquiring the object examined in entry 103 of this series, I noted the appearance of a rather repellent-looking individual who seemed to take an unnerving interest in my abode. Since acquiring this item, said individual - whose eyes, I recently noticed, were of grotesquely protuberant cast - appears to have recommenced his surveillance of my sanctum sanctorum...

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