Monday, September 05, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No. 249: Tablet of Dagon

Today we present a portion of a clay tablet dedicated to Dagon, parts of which were cast into the sea off the coast of Dunwich (UK) over a decade ago as part of an apocalyptic ritual which is rumoured to have has precipitated a huge shift within global geopolitics - one that will supposedly lead to the return of the Old Ones. I was not present at said ritual as I was...elsewhere - secreting another fragment of the tablet in a place of particular power and significance. I did, however, directly witness and experience what some claim to have been the aftershocks of the ritual. Needless to say, such a powerful artefact is now safely ensconced behind a particularly nasty and efficatious occult firewall. Until the time is right, that is.

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