Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.86: Beltran-Escavy Codex

A few copies of this rare monograph - which translates a portion of a pre-Columbian codex produced by an as-yet unidentified Central American culture - have fallen into the hands of the good folks over at the HPLHS. The codex outlines a supposedly-prehuman and alien mythology involving the Earth's habitation by monstrous beings during some vastly ancient epoch. Intriguingly, some of the pictoglyphs found in the codex bear a startling resemblance to various objects in my collection - to which a similar prehuman origin has also been attached. In any case, the correlated contents of this diverse body of data increasingly leads me to suspect not only that that humanity is not the first of the Earth's masters, but also that it will not be the last...

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