Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.82: Woodhenge Cthulhu

Joe Broers unearthed this artefact during his travels, and kindly forwarded it to me for safekeeping: a strange wooden effigy - possibly Neolithic in origin - carved with cephalopodic features. Proximity to the object has been known to provoke waking visions of a titanic sunken city whose architecture appears to follow an unwholesome and wholly alien order of geometric precepts. Fortunately the item is now safely ensconced with others of its kind in my collection of bizarrerie, restrained by the force of various esoteric wards and sigils which protect myself - and indeed the rest of humanity - from the archaic horrors that lurk within.

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  1. Well, the description is more interesting than the artifact . Please allow me to use it for promotion. :-)