Saturday, March 05, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.65: Shoggoth Sculpture

Today I present another original Dave Carson sculpture. This is in fact one of two of Mr Carson's shoggoth pieces which currently reside in my collection (I understand that there are at least three more shoggoth sculpts in the hands of other collectors). I try not to spend too much time pondering this particular object d'art - otherwise my dreams are haunted for days afterward by horrid visions of monstrous mutations and hideous permutations of the flesh.

Indeed, on more than one occasion I've awoken from such a nightmare with the utter conviction that my own body has allowed itself to become the traitorous subject of such awful transfigurations, only to cunningly resume its usual morphology mere moments.before my waking. So convinced had I become of this conceit that, during a certain season of these horrible dreams, I decided to film myself during the hours of my troubled slumbering. After the first night, all that the cheap video camera I purchased for this purpose showed was black static. However, closer scrutiny revealed something more terrible: behind the monotonous hiss of the static, I began to clearly discern the words 'tekeli-li, tekeli-li' chanted repeatedly in an oily, glutinous voice - one that, though weirdly distorted, bore a frightening resemblance to my own.

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