Saturday, March 03, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing a Day (2018) No.62: Happy Birthday Arthur Machen!

Today we celebrate Arthur Machen’s 155th birthday with Tartarus Press’ recent reissues of Machen’s autobiographical works: Far Off Things, Things Near and Far (both in one volume), and The London Adventure. I have these in earlier editions from (I think) the late 1920s/early 1930s, as well as the limited, numbered editions produced by Three Imposters - but given their championing of Machen’s work over the past two decades, I felt obliged to purchase the Tartarus Press volumes (which are, in addition, things of real beauty). These volumes are also available as ebooks.

As an extra treat, I also present the Autumn 2017 issues of Faunus and Machenalia, produced by the wonderful Friends of Arthur Machen, and which appeared in my post box earlier in the year. If you are a Machen enthusiast, please do consider becoming a member of the Friends.

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