Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.333: Headless Horror

This Romano-British figurine now graces one of the walls of the lower crypt of St.Osmund's Church. Once belonging to James Boreham, the effigy's acephalous condition is not a consequence of wanton vandalism, but by design. Apparently it represents a strange, headless entity said to dwell in an underground labyrinth situated somewhere below Horsingdon. Boreham seemed to believe that an entrance to this chthonic domain lay beneath St. Osmund's burying ground - and that other of Horsingdon's cemeteries also contained portals to this maze-like subterranean realm.

The strange idol was made a fixture within St. Osmund's crypt by one of it's more heterodox pastors, and at behest of James Boreham.

Intriguingly, over the years there have been occasional reports of encounters in and around the cemetaries of Horsingdon with a monstrous, headless entity who - horrifyingly - has also been described as possessing leech-like appendages in place of hands...

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