Monday, November 27, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.331: The Attic Room

One of James Boreham's more opulent properties, Welbury House is also one of Horsingdon's most haunted buildings; however, having been in the Boreham family for some generations, the place has a acquired a reputation for hosting spectral forces of a highly unusual - not to say alien - character.

The attic room shown here was supposedly the final resting place of one of Boreham's own siblings, who was born monstrously disfigured, and whose body (it is rumoured) dissolved within minutes of their death - pointing to an other-than human ancestry if true. Other unsubstantiated rumours hold that James was in fact the direct and murderous cause of his unfortunate sibling's death. In any case, there is no extant birth certificate of this supposed relative, and no record of funerary rites involving one of the Boreham family during the period when these events supposedly transpired.

All that remains by way of testament to these alleged occurances are subsequent reports of a rugose, lumpen, and barely-anthropoid mass of faintly glowing and transluscent flesh having been seen standing at the window of the attic room on certain nights, whose approximation of a face is devoid of any features whatesoever.

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