Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.314: Nyarlathotep

The only thing that seems appropriate right now. Nyarlathotep (by Jason McKittrick of Cryptocurium) - the Crawling Chaos, and Herald of the End Times:

'And at the last from inner Egypt came
The strange dark One to whom the fellahs bowed;
Silent and lean and cryptically proud,
And wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame.
Throngs pressed around, frantic for his commands,
But leaving, could not tell what they had heard;
While through the nations spread the awestruck word
That wild beasts followed him and licked his hands.

Soon from the sea a noxious birth began;
Forgotten lands with weedy spires of gold;
The ground was cleft, and mad auroras rolled
Down the quaking citadels of man.
Then, crushing what he chanced to mould in play,
The idiot Chaos blew Earth's dust away.'

Sonnet XXI, 'Nyarlathotep' from H.P. Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth.

Good night, and good luck.

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