Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.244: Terror!

With today's post we are exactly two-thirds of the way through this year of Lovecraftian Thing a Day blog entries. I would have liked to have offered something a little more special in celebration of the fact, but it is late and I am rather tired - added to which, this came in the post today: Peter Haining's history of  horror illustrations from the pulps. There is a nice section on Weird Tales and Lovecraft is well represented (as evidenced by Hannes Bok's classic illustration of 'Pickman's Model' featuring prominently on the cover); also an interesting illustration for Bloch's 'Notebook Found in a Deserted House', which I've also included above. Well, I'm afraid that I can no longer ignore the insistent call of the Dreamlands' restless deeps, so that is where we will leave things until tomorrow.

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