Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.243: Religion, The Occult, and the Paranormal

I recently found out that a four volume collection from Routledge - entitled Religion, the Occult, and the Paranormal - has reprinted my ethnographic essay 'Alien Selves: Modernity and the Social Diagnostics of the Demonic in 'Lovecraftian Magick''.

I was contacted by someone from Routledge a few years ago about this, and heard nothing else from them after being promised a nominal payment for the reprint (which I don't recall ever receiving - but then neither did I receive anything akin to a contributor's agreement allowing the reprint to go ahead in the first place!). Even so, I suppose I should be pleased that one of my pieces - and what is probably the first ethnographic essay on Lovecaftian occulture - now appears in a Routledge volume...the only problem being that the collection is now listed on Amazon for the princely sum of £1127.71, and on Routledge's own website for £900.00! So much for the additional exposure! Alternatively, you can still find the article in issue 2 of the Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, which is still available from Mandrake for £19.99 - or you could just download it for free from acadmia.edu! Regular readers who go in for this sort of thing might also be interested to know that a few more of my Lovecraftian pieces should be appearing in various academic publications prior to NecronomiCon 2017; I have also been invited to contribute an essay on Lovecraftian Magic (along with other things) to what looks to be a major academic work on contemporary esotericism. Nice.

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