Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.175: Illustro Obscurum Collection 1

Michael Bukowski's Illustro Obscurum series - the first volume of which I present here - exemplifies the kind of characterful work being produced by many Lovecraftian creatives today. It is not just the art itself, but the care and verisimilitude that goes into framing it within a wider narrative context: that this is not just a representation of a thing, but the thing itself. In other words, each volume of the Illustro Obscurum series is presented not just as a collection of Lovecraftian text and imagery, but as if it were the kind of hand-crafted (which to a degree each one is) gimoire or bestiary one might likely encounter on the bookshelves of some hoary Lovecraftian sorcerer.

All this aside, one also has to marvel at the scope of the Illustro Obscurum project: that of illustrating every beast or monster described (or even mentioned) in Lovecraft's work - which I believe Mr. Bukowski has now completed. Sir, we salute you for you services to Lovecraftdom!

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