Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.173: The Silver Key (Redux)

Today's offering is another digital product (only the second I've presented thus far, I think). I would like to own this as a physical CD, but it doesn't appear to be available for purchase in that format. Regardless, The Silver Key by Ah Pook The Destroyer is a concept album based on the Lovecraft tale of the same name (although it also incorporates elements of Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price's Through the Gate of the Silver Key). Beyond its overall excellence, The Silver Key is rather difficult to categorise as an album, covering as it does a wide range of musical styles - although I suppose it could be broadly classified as a kind of hybrid folk-psychedelic-prog-funk-rock. There is also an odd air of 70s counterculture rock musical theatre about The Silver Key - here I'm thinking Hair, Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar - which is something I genuinely enjoy about it. In any case, this might very well be my favourite piece of Lovecraft-inspired music which, very much as the Fungi from Yuggoth does via the medium of poetry, spans the gamut of key Lovecraftian themes and topics. The final track in particular presents a beautifully-realised personal portrait of Lovecraft the dreamer, setting to music as it does his poem 'Providence'. Definitely a worthy addition to your growing collection of Lovecraftian sounds, The Silver Key can be purchased as a download here.

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