Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.41: S. Petersen's Field Guides to Cthulhu Monsters

These were the first thing approaching books of Lovecraftian art I owned: produced as field guides to mythos beasts, ostensibly for investigators in The Call of Cthulhu rpg, they also contained invented bibliographies to allow for further 'research'. Lots of lovely Tom Sullivan illustrations in the Cthulhu Monsters book, but also absolutely stunning colour pencil drawings in the Dreamlands volume, which is my favourite of the two. After purchasing these many years ago, I ended up losing them (or perhaps throwing them away). I was fortunate to find these two replacement copies about five years ago, lurking in a dusty corner of a shelf of second-hand books in a UK gaming shop, and going for a song.

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