Monday, February 01, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No. 32: The Arkham House Companion

Despite my passion for things Lovecraftian, I’ve never been much in the way of an Arkham House collector (I estimate that I own about 25 Arkham House books). That said, if there is one thing that could possibly inspire me to collect Arkham House titles, it would be Sheldon Jaffery’s The Arkham House Companion – a detailed listing (with commentary) of  every Arkham House book published up until, I think, the mid-1980s. I picked this up from The House on the Borderland (a specialist bookshop in Peterborough which, sadly, is no more) sometime back in the early or mid-1990s.

In those heady, pre-internet days, hunting Lovecraftiana was much more of a challenge; there was a certain savour when one occasioned upon a rarity at a secondhand bookstall or charity shop which one rarely encounters since the advent of Amazon, ABE books, and the ready availability of previous rarities in digital format…but this was, as my father is sometimes still prone to wax lyrical about, ‘back in the olden days’.

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