Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovecraft Pilgrimage, Day 2

Again, just a very brief update. Made it to the Nicholas Roerich Museum today - great to experience firsthand some of the paintings that inspired what I consider to be Lovecraft's greatest work. I also took the opportunity to pick up about 20 postcards of Roerich's eerily evocative art (mostly the mountainous landscapes for which he's famed), including my personal favourite 'Himalaya - Pink Mountain' and a piece entitled 'Tibet - Himalayas' (which seems to have been a key influence on the imagery in AtMoM - I'll try to emded images of these paintings later). All of which will look very nice on the walls of my study once framed. I also bought a very reasonably priced copy of Roerich's travelogue Altai-Himalaya. If I'm not mistaken, this is the book in which Roerich details what some consider to be an early/pre-Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting over Tibet.

Time constraints meant that I wasn't able to make it to Lovecraft's old apartment in Brooklyn today, so have scheduled that for tomorrow, along with shopping trips to various bookshops in NY. I'm also planning a trip to the Compleat Strategist game store just on the off-chance that they have a copy of Fantasy Flight Game's newest Lovecraftian offering, Elder Sign (though I suspect this won't have made it into FLGS' until next week).

Later posts will include photos from my trip, hopefully accompanied with some more insightful commentary on my travels.

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