Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday HPL!

Today being Lovecraft's birthday, I thought it would be propitious to announce the resurrection of Whispers from the Ghooric Zone. After nearly two years of inactivity (not including my rather enigmatic post from August 2010), the essential saltes have been gathered up, the requisite formulae incanted, and the inchoate ruminations of yours truly have once more been called up to ye liveliest awfulness from deep within the silent staring void that is the blogosphere.

This will form part of a wider phase of increasing creative activity and writing output (opportunities for which have been minimal over the past few years as I've had to focus on work). This creative resurgence will, I hope, also culminate in the completion of a book provisionally titled Lovecraft's Monsters: The Pulp Roots of the Paranormal. A preliminary outline has been drafted, with some initial work already started on the early chapters. More of this later as I present some of the ideas and source material relevant to book in forthcoming posts (which I hope to upload on a basis of around 2-3 weekly).

Needless to say, I shall also be using the blog as the means of inflicting my varied and curmudgeonly ruminations regarding Lovecraftian culture and occulture on anyone who cares to read them! It is also likely that the blog may include some ranting, fist-shaking and general bigotry regarding my current inability to win a game of my current obsession, Malifaux - a skirmish scale miniatures game which incorporates some Lovecraftian elements.

The provisio to all of the above is that, while I mean to try and post something substantial in the next day or so to get things started (possibly regarding an apparent encounter with Nyarlathotep), this coming Monday (22nd August) I'm flying to New York; thence to Providence on 25th August for my second pilgrimage to Lovecraft's grave (or rather the memorial in the Lovecraft plot at Swan Point). I'll be taking my handy little netbook with me and, if circumstances allow, will post updates regarding my travels. Otherwise, expect full service to be resumed during the last week of August.

Be seeing you.

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