Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back in the UK

The post header says it all: I finally got back to Blighty (after a gruelling 24 hours of travelling, having had to catch a flight to Minneapolis in order to get a flight back to the UK) late on the afternoon of Wednesday 31st August. Since then, I've spent a busy two days at work dealing with a bunch of exam marking, and have had some family-related events going on over the weekend, so haven't had much time to devote to the blog. However, something substantial on HPL, Tracy Twyman and the Merovingian bloodline should appear in the next few days, where I'll be returing to the issue of Lovecraft, conspiracy theories and race. As I've been delving into this, I'm digging up some highlighting interesting points of intersection between 'Holy Bloodline' conspiracism and forms of anti-semitism emergent from a 19th Century movement known as British Israelism (which also appears to have had an influence on the field of pyramidology and alternative archaeology).

I'll also be updating links in previous posts, and hopefully including some photos of my Providence trip.

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