Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lovecraft & the Occult MP3 files available for download

The mp3 files of my 'Lovecraft and the Occult' talks at Treadwells Bookshop are now available for download at
A massive thank you to Paul of Cthulhu for offering to host the files, and for maintaining what is without doubt the premier (and Ennie award-winning) site for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying community.

Also thanks to Dan Harms, John Gonce and Jason Colavito whose works I plundered for the second and third instalments of the talks.


  1. I just finished listening to these lectures. Thank you for making them available (I actually found them at Yog-Sothoth. com). The powerpoint slides were very helpful in following the mp3s.

    As a fellow academian (in philosophy) I appreciate when serious endeavors converge with some special interest I might have. As you've shown, HPL deserves serious investigation and I hope you continue to pursue this subject. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) your future work.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Justin, and thank you for allowing us to share the lectures with everyone!



  3. Jason,

    You're quite welcome. I'm listening to and enjoying the Necronomicon podcast - I'm not sure when I'll get to the others.

    As a technical note, you're apparently using a mike on a laptop to record. This can create a whining noise when the computer's fan kicks on and off, which I can hear in the tapes. We've had greater success in our low-budget recording with an iPod nano hooked up to a Belkin mike and placed mike up the shirt pocket of the speaker. Sometimes the fabric does brush up against it, but the quality is still pretty good. Plus, it might give you greater mobility as a speaker instead of keeping you in one place with a stationary mike.

  4. Hi

    I've just listened to the first Treadwell talk mp3, very interesting (I'm still kicking myself that I missed these at the time). Any plans to do some additional ones in the future?

    all the best


  5. Thank you for making these available. I've just listened to all four and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  6. Thanks to all for the kind comments, and apologies for my (in some cases very) late reply. I enjoyed doing the lectures, and they drew quite crowd. Personally, I'm not entirely satisfied with how they sound (not in terms of the sound quality so much, but my 'performance') - the first one being the worst (I'm generally a better public speaker than that - or so I believe). Of course, a massive shout out must go to Dan Harms and John Gonce - the Necronomicon lecture drew fairly heavily in parts on their research. Dan's comments about how to improve the quality of the mp3 recording was interesing in that I can't really comment on this side of things. I did record the talks, but problems with my laptop meant that I ended up having to dump all of the recordings. Strangely enough, about a week after the final talk I was contacted by Treadwell and informed that someone had anonymously sent them a CD containing mp3 files of all the talks...These were the files that Paul of cleaned up and made available. Make of that what you will! Not sure that I have plans to do any more recordings of talks, although I'm probably giving one on the cultural history of subterrenean worlds and the hollow earth later in the year which may be recorded. In addition, I'm planning on making better use of 'Whispers from the Ghooric Zone' in 2008 to explore the Lovecraft-esoteric interface so do keep checking back.