Friday, April 20, 2007

Mysterious Benefactor

Attempts to record my recent series on 'Lovecraft and the Occult' at Treadwells in London were, sadly, only partially successful. Thankfully, some enterprising member of the audience recorded the talks and has forwarding MP3 files of the complete set of lectures anonymously. Whoever the mysterious benefactor is, should you read this, then a big thank you. Thanks must also go to Ian and Christina at Treadwells for agreeing to host the files, which I'll link to as soon as they are up on the site.

I'm also introducing a discussion of 'Through the Gates of the Silver' at the 'Weird Realism: Lovecraft & Theory' conference at Goldsmiths college this coming Wednesday (26th April 2007). If you're attending, I look forward to seeing you there. In my attempts to be more active as a blogger, I'm hoping to submit a short report/review of the conference later in the week. Also, expect to see entries with a bit more substance in the coming weeks (including excerpts from the book on occultural appropriations of Lovecraft's fictions I'm currently writing).

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