Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.23: The Thing Under Horsingdon

Well over a year ago I received a curious, cropped image, via e-mail - and sent by my mysterious informant, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Cold’ - purporting to be the photograph of an horrific being which had been spied lumbering through Horsingdon Woods.

Recently I received a similar image, on this occasion displaying what appears to be the misshapen anatomy of some grotesque body - something, I was informed by ‘Cold’, which had been unearthed during the Ministry’s investigations into structures discovered beneath Horsingdon Hill in the 1950s. Whatever it was, the thing had apparently lain dormant - probably for an immeasurable period of time - upon a great slab of some unknown mineral into which numerous strange symbols had been carved. The malformed horror - along with the slab upon which it so monstrously reclined - were soon after transported in secret to a Ministry laboratory, where they remain to this day - and where this photograph was, it seems, taken.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions From Horsingdon, No.22: Techno-Occult Topographies

For all of the quasi-rural charm of much of its strange topography, Horsingdon is never far-removed from the intrusion of industrialised modernity which, in turn, one often discovers to be feeding off those primordial, occult forces which permeate its landscape: a case in point being the twisted steel monstrosity that is this Ministry installation - alive with the sinister thrum of eldritch technologies - which here dominates a portion of the Horsingdon skyline.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.21: Darkness Calls To Darkness

Photographed at twilight, the numerous rooftop transmitter arrays of what is almost certainly a Ministry outpost seem to exude a faint gloomy aura, mirrored by a similar mirky shadow which hangs above the building. No such phenomena were visible when the photo was taken.

Perhaps these shadowy auroras are the praeternatural manifestation of whatever dark signals are being broadcast from the transmitter arrays toward whatever equally dark and monstrous receiver lurks in the upper air - after all, it is often said by the good folk of Horsingdon that darkness calls to darkness.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.20: Ontological Chill

Partially hidden by this overgrown slope is a disused warehouse which, rumour has it, was used by the Ministry as a storage site for various esoteric artefacts and occult technologies, and which that sinister and secretive department of the British government had either unearthed or developed as part of its covert programme of praeternaturally-oriented research throughout the period of the Cold War. Notably, the building was, prior to its compulsory purchase by the Ministry, part of the Boreham family’s holdings.

Although the site remains sealed off and out-of-bounds to the casual visitor, one can still feel a sudden drop in temperature -  even on the warmest of days - within 50 yards or so of the building’s perimeter. During his all-too brief sojourn in the region during the mid-1960s, the noted occultist and parapsychologist Roland Franklyn undertook an investigation into the paranormal phenomena which had purportedly been occuring in the area around the warehouse; whilst his fndings were inconclusive, Franklyn nonetheless remarked that the extremes of cold he experienced in the vicnity of the building were ‘akin to those frigid, etheric star-winds which sweep down from the frozen interstellar gulfs of space - or the cognate of that forlorn and unnatural chill which emanates from those hideous and invisible abyssal realms which grind ceaselessly against the ever-thinning walls of our world.’

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.19: The Forbidden Stair

Walking towards the northerly end of Hallowmere Road, one encounters a rough, overgrown embankment which also edges onto Boreham Park. Scaling the embankment is a concrete stairway with poorly constructed wooden bannister.

The embankment and the stairway - which like similar phenomena occasionally encountered throughout Horsingdon, seems to lead nowhere - is completely enclosed by a brutal, industrial palisade of galvanised steel.

It has been that that, on certain nights, an endless parade of ghostly figures can be seen ascending the stairs; other rumours hold that the stairway was constructed at the behest of the Gaurdians of the Black Bowers, and that strange sigils are inscribed within each step of the structure, delineating the stations of a ritual process which can effect a metaphysical transition into those abyssal zones inhabited by Those Who Wait.

Whatever the truth of the matter, rightminded Horsingdon folk tend to steer clear of the site.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.18: Immurement

One of the few remaining properties which can still be found throughout Horsinhgdon which was once owned by the Boreham family. Like others of its kind, every door and window has been long sealed with brick. It is not unusual to find the habitations on either side of such buildings long abandoned. People no longer ask why these old buildings have been secured in this manner, almost as a form of immurement - nor do the like to mention the sounds they sometime detect coming from within.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Malign Frequencies: Further Transmissions from Horsingdon, No.17: The Sounds Out of Time

Built above an ancient barrow, on certain nights of the year this transmitter array broadcasts a very curious signal: behind a layer of static, one can discern a distant beating of drums, and the muffled sound of human chanting -  although the words are unclear and seem to be in a hitherto unknown language. The chanting persists for sometime, until there is a sound like something fleshy being rent or torn - after which the chanting turns into a panicked, horrified screaming. Then there is silence. 

There are those who speculate that the broadcast is some kind of residual haunting: the strange properties of the Horsingdon landscape having absorbed the trauma produced by some appalling neolithic ritual and its monstrous aftermath, causing it to be repeated forever after. 

Others have suggested a more disturbing possibility: that the broadcast is the refraction of some future event - an event so terrible that it has warped the weft of time, causing the arrow of temporality to turn back upon itself, and sending an echo of that frightful occurence back to us a future reminder of its hideous inevitability.